Escape from the Rock

Murder, mayhem and mobsters...

Come join the fun! The infamous Al Capone, Billy Cook the Killer, and Machine Gun Kelly all did time on The Rock. On this tour, you'll see Alcatraz in ways the inmates never could. Plus you'll hear all the dark details of escape attempts and life from inside the prison.

Sightseeing Tours in San Francisco

Often when visiting a new city, the itinerary can get packed with so much activity that you’re unable to fit everything in. Running betweens museums, meals and exploration could leave you minimal time to relax and see the iconic sights of the city you’re visiting. Sightseeing tours are a special part of visiting San Francisco, and Blue & Gold Fleet has the connections you need to enjoy some of best sightseeing tours in the Bay Area.

On land, sightseeing tour can include everything from urban dwelling to country exploration. Enjoy some of the finest wine in the world by touring Sonoma and Napa Valley, or feast in some of the trendiest and most elegant restaurants in existence. For the active visit, San Francisco is home to numerous bike tours and hiking opportunities. Take a walking tour of the Golden Gate Bridge, or enjoy the finest architecture on the West Coast with a double-decker bus tour!

Sightseeing tours on the water can encompass some of San Francisco’s most iconic sights. Featuring the Golden Gate Bridge at the Bay Area, a water tour can take tourist to Alcatraz Island, for a spin along the Bay or even to Tiburon and Sausalito.

For sightseeing tours, Blue & Gold Fleet has the connections and tours planned to help you get the most out of your time in San Francisco. Whether touring by land or by sea, San Francisco is a breathtaking city that ranks among the world’s achievements and should be experienced through every sight and sound. Call Blue & Gold Fleet or continue to browse our site for more information on the City by the Bay.

Sightseeing - Land or Water

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