Escape from the Rock

Murder, mayhem and mobsters...

Come join the fun! The infamous Al Capone, Billy Cook the Killer, and Machine Gun Kelly all did time on The Rock. On this tour, you'll see Alcatraz in ways the inmates never could. Plus you'll hear all the dark details of escape attempts and life from inside the prison.

San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure

San Francisco Boat Tour and Bay Cruises with Blue and Gold Fleet.

Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge on a San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure with Blue and Gold Fleet.

Embarking on a San Francisco Bay Boat Tour with Blue and Gold Fleet, leaving from PIER 39 and passing the sea lions at K-dock.

Tour San Francisco Bay by Ferry Boat on your San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure

Sail San Francisco Bay underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz on your journey along San Francisco’s historic waterfront!

Do you enjoy sightseeing, great scenery, great weather, or learning about landmarks? If you said yes to any of these questions, a bay cruise in San Francisco may be perfect for you! Whether you are visiting the San Francisco Bay area, or you are just looking for something exciting to do, a San Francisco Bay cruise is always a great option.

Our Bay Cruise Adventure is a 60-minute bay cruise that allows you to enjoy the best of what the San Francisco Bay has to offer. As you cruise through the San Francisco Bay, you will be able to enjoy the city’s historic waterfront as well as its unique skyline. You can even enjoy the bay’s unique wildlife as you watch our famous Pier 39 sea lions along the trip! You may even be lucky enough to see some of the Harbor Porpoises that have returned to the bay!

This bay cruise is accompanied by full narration, so you can learn all about major landmarks and scenes while enjoying their breathtaking beauty. Do you like the wind blowing in your hair? Do you enjoy taking uninterrupted pictures of landmark, scenery, or friends and family? If so, our outdoor deck seating is perfect for you. If you prefer a controlled climate while still being able to enjoy the scenery, you will enjoy our comfortable indoor seating.

We take pride in representing San Francisco and everything it has to offer, so you can be assured that your bay cruise will not only be entertaining and informative, but enjoyable as well. If you are ready to enjoy the San Francisco Bay, come on a bay cruise with us today!


San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure, Tour the Bay with Blue & Gold Fleet





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